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Legal requirements for getting married in the Canary Islands

The best destination for saying I Do

A paradise of contrasts and a warm temperature throughout the year, landscapes of golden sand and green mountain tops, together with the mild temperatures, make the Canary Islands the best setting to declare eternal love in an unforgettable ceremony surrounded by friends and family. If you also want your celebration to be legally binding, you should take the following requirements into account:

Legal requirements for a civil wedding

The legal requirements for marrying in Spain, and therefore in the Canary Islands, vary according to the nationality or place of residence of both parties. Should both parties have Spanish nationality or reside legally in Spain, a legal marriage can be held in the Islands providing the corresponding documents have been transferred from the town council of residence, a process which usually takes around three weeks. Should both parties be of a nationality other than Spanish, Spanish law does not allow a civil wedding. If one of the parties is Spanish or resident in Spain, it is advisable to consult the necessary requirements at the corresponding consulate in Spain.

Catholic rites

In the case of Catholic ceremonies, the wedding ceremony in the Canary Islands is legally binding in every way, depending on each country's legislation, regardless of the nationality of the parties. In this case, the legal requirements are fairly simple. Once the church in the Islands has been chosen, and a date set with the priest, the only thing left to be done is to ask the corresponding diosesis for the parties' documents, a process which takes about a month. The couple are also required to have done the prematrimonial course in their country.