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Beaches for couples to wander along

A beach can be the setting for a very romantic moment for a couple. The crystal clear waters and the beauty of some of the spots you can hide away in, invite you to relax and enjoy life as a couple.

Playa del Tacorón. El Hierro.

This beach on the small island of El Hierro has one of the most romantic spots to enjoy with your partner.

Playa de Benijo. Tenerife.

The abrupt landscape makes this cove one of the most spectacular places and is extremely private.

Playa del Inglés. La Gomera.

This beautiful black sandy beach on La Gomera is considered one of the most beautiful on the island.

Playa de La Pared. Fuerteventura.

This very long beach is one of the best places to wander along in complete solitude.

Playa Las Conchas. Lanzarote.

Turquoise waters, fine sand, warm breezes… the kind of beach everyone dreams of when they conjure up an idyllic beach.