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Your big wedding in Canary Islands

11 december 2018
Your big wedding in Canary Islands. Gabrielle Konali

Have you ever thought about having a wedding that lasts several days? Avoiding that feeling of not having spent enough time with the people you care most about? If you think that celebrating this moment of your life with your friends and family should be something huge, something that will leave an impact on them and make them want to repeat the experience – get ready to discover the keys to organising a wedding weekend.

As the name implies, with this kind of wedding, you are going to squeeze the utmost out of the 3 days of the weekend.

Most of the guests will arrive at your wedding-destination island during the day on Friday. Escaping from their routines for a weekend getaway is one of the best plans you could offer them. They will be delighted to spend some time with you. For a special meet-and-greet, you can organise a buffet supper or a cocktail event. They are sure to love that.

There are lots of emotions in store for you the next day, so we advise not going to bed too late or getting carried away by the night. The best option is to sit around talking for a while after supper and make sure you get to your room in time for at least 8 hours’ sleep.

Even though you had to end the party earlier than you would have liked the night before, you can make up for that on Saturday. There is no day like the big day for enjoying yourself until you drop.

Before heading off to the ceremony, make sure you take a look over everything that is going to happen during the day with your wedding planner and ensure that the bridesmaids and best man have your emergency kits (plasters, needle, thread, slippers, etc.).

Regardless of what time the wedding ends, Sunday is a good day to continue sharing with your loved ones. There are lots of ideas for after weddings: brunch, spas, massages, excursions, private video screenings… What’s important is that you have a fabulous time.

Canary Islands. Tailor-made dream weddings.

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