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A winter fantasy for saying “I do”

17 december 2018
A winter fantasy for saying “I do”. Gabrielle Konali

Canary Islands are the perfect destination for enjoying a different kind of Christmas, far from the cold and the bad weather that are usual during the winter season. It is precisely our excellent climate at this time of year that leads many couples to choose us as the destination for celebrating their big day in the cooler months on the calendar.

Winter weddings provide a lot of room for manoeuvre and it is easy to adapt them to a wide range of styles. You can choose to continue with the year’s trends, go with the ones coming in for the new season or do something radically different.

If you miss the snow and the low temperatures and want first-hand inspiration, you could visit some of the highest points in our archipelago, such as Mount Teide, Roque Nublo or Roque de los Muchachos. It is curious how you can find snow in these places during autumn and winter while, 1800 metres below, the temperature is a pleasant 22ºC.

To give your wedding the feel of being somewhere colder, celebrating the nicest days of your lives, you can use a winter fantasy theme: an elegant and romantic idea.

Creativity is key to achieving the desired effect.

In order to recreate that winter atmosphere for your ceremony, it should start in the late afternoon, somewhere full of candles, little blue or white lights, and flowers in any shade of white. You can add another touch of blue with a carpet in that colour or choosing a location with views of the sea.

You can place little silver trees on the banquet tables, with different-sized crystals hanging from their branches, so that each of them is unique. You can drape light garlands on the walls of the room or around the edges of the marquee to look like snowflakes falling slowly. It will all look very romantic if the only lighting is from floating candles and, to prevent any discomfort while the food is being served, you can add some strategically positioned mirrors to slightly increase the amount of light they give.

Chocolate is a must, whether at the end of the night, in your candy bar or in the cake. To make the latter spectacular, you can add natural flowers or, even, sugar stalactites.

Canary Islands. A thousand ideas for your dream wedding.


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