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Weddings with perfect lighting

4 july 2017
Weddings with perfect lighting Pedro Álvarez

Light is one of the most important elements in ensuring the photographs or videos of your wedding really do the magic of the occasion justice. The day will be shaped by a string of special moments that your photographer will set out to capture, with their photos transmitting both beauty and truth.

Apart from your rings, your wedding photos will serve as the only physical memories to be cherished over the years to come. This is why choosing a destination for your wedding with unique warm light will help transmit the joy of such a special day, producing truly priceless images.

Thanks to their unrivalled location in the Atlantic Ocean, the Canary Islands receive more light than anywhere else in Europe, with no less than 4,800 hours per year. Such a difference with the rest of the continent is really felt in winter, when the islands receive an average of 7 to 8 hours of sunlight per day, while in some parts of Europe, the figure dwindles to 3 to 4.

The sunlight found in our latitudes will not only inspire your photographs and help ensure your magic moments are represented on film, but will also have positive effects on you.

Visitors to our islands often experience ‘sunshine therapy’ without even knowing it! The increase in hours of sunlight compared to those back home and the more laid-back way of life help people feel better, giving them more energy, decreasing stress levels and upping health and vitality. This is thanks to the Sun’s ability to reduce depression by means of stimulating the body’s production of Vitamin D and the changing up of our everyday routines.

And while days are drenched in sunlight in the Canary Islands, sunsets are spectacular. As the Sun drops below the horizon, the heat of the day and the sunset tones combine to dip movie-like scenes in gold.

This is the perfect light for your photographs, and it is only to be found on the Canary Islands!

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