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Tips for your Trash The Dress in the Canary Islands

25 june 2018
Tips for your Trash The Dress in the Canary Islands. Gabrielle Konali

As you already know, the Canary Islands are the perfect setting for your dream wedding. But our marvellous scenery is also great for a Trash The Dress session that is completely different to those of your friends and relations. Here are the keys to getting the most out of your photo shoot.

Choosing the location

Think of somewhere you’d really like to enjoy with the love of your life and you will find that place in the Canary Islands: paradisiciacal beaches, unexplored trails, magnificent waterfalls, vineyards, beautiful buildings with an old-fashioned air like old manor houses, country estates, yachts…

You should go with the one that best suits your personalities and where you know you are going to feel right at home. Our fabulous location means we have the best climate in the world and the perfect light for your photographer to capture magical moments.

Of course, your decision will have a direct impact on how your dress will end up. If you are planning to keep it or even to sell it, you should choose urban areas or dunes – your dress will be as good as new after a visit to the launderette.

The right style

The basic rule for this type of session is “less is more”. Wear your hair in a casual do or leave it loose, go for light, natural make-up and get ready to have some fun.

As the final touch to the report and to lend meaning to the story told by the photos, you can add items that are especially relevant to your relationship. Include some of the gifts you have given each other over the years or turn the day into a family session with children and/or pets.

Where to find inspiration

The Canary Islands are a constant source of inspiration. Start by taking a look at the work in our directory of photographers, with images that will tell you the stories of other couples who chose us as the destination for their big day. And if you still need more, Pinterest might be a good bet.

Canary Islands. Get ready for an unforgettable Trash The Dress session.


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