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To the sound of chácaras and drums

30 april 2018
To the sound of chácaras and drums. Gabrielle Konali

Weddings in the Canary Islands have something that differentiates them from weddings in other places around the world: the certainty that they will turn into an unforgettable festivity.

Natives of the Canary Islands have an innate merry nature and we can liven up any event with a guitar, a timple and some chácaras—typical island instruments—or a drum. Perhaps it is our excellent climate, the beauty that surrounds us or our fabulous way of life, but it is true that there is something about this place that entices you to be happy and to celebrate that happiness with everyone around you.

This can be seen in the folklore and musical tradition of our islands. And this is why more and more couples want to include the music and dancing of the Canary Islands in the day they declare to the world that there is no love stronger than theirs.

Armed with noisy instruments, gifted voices and traditional dances, rondallas and parrandas (traditional groups) will fill your wedding with carefree, happy tunes.

Dressed in the traditional costume, which varies by island and municipality, they will bring colour to the bride’s arrival or sound congratulations as the newly-weds depart the ceremony.

During the cocktail or at the end of the banquet, they will provide memorable entertainment for your guests and more than one is likely to want to learn the steps from the dancers. Whether it be a folia, an isa or a malagueña, musical groups from the Canary Islands will help you enjoy one of the most beautiful ways in which we preserve our local traditions.

Let the rhythm take control. Feel the beat of the chácaras and the drum.

Canary Islands. The music of your heart.


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