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Renew your vows in the Canary Islands

17 july 2017
Renewal vows Mette Brandt

Vow renewal ceremonies are a beautiful way of demonstrating how your relationship has been strengthened with the passing of the years and how your love has kept you together through the good and the bad life has thrown at you. If you’re looking for a world-leading destination to say “I do” one more time, the Canary Islands are the perfect bet.

Although it is customary to renew your vows on your silver (25th) or golden (50th) wedding anniversary, there’s no need to wait so long! Any anniversary coinciding with another reason to celebrate marks the perfect occasion for renewing your vows, such as recovering from a serious illness or having children or grandchildren you’d like to be present at the ceremony.

The Canary Islands are formed of seven large islands, all enjoying a year-round pleasant climate perfect for an unforgettable ceremony. Whether your ceremony is to be intimate or for all your family and friends, you will have the opportunity to declare your unconditional love in a truly idyllic setting. Imagine mountains bathed in the hues of a spectacular sunset and offset by the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean, or sand dunes carved by the trade winds, to give two examples. It’s all up to you to decide from our many landscapes on offer!

Visualise your day.

Picture yourself taking your loved one’s hand as it trembles with emotion, and placing their ring on their finger one more time. Their smile will set your heart aflame just like the very first time you laid eyes on them, with the sun lighting their face as they pledge their love. Bathed in a gentle breeze, there will be no better place than to remember and reinforce the vows made those years ago.

Could anything be more romantic? Renew your vows to your loved one in the Canary Islands.

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Karen cochrane
8 august 2018
I'm looking to renew our vows on the beach in Puerto Rico next year, how do I go about it
10 august 2018
Dear Karen, The best way is by contacting a wedding planner that helps you to organise the event. You could find some contacts in our list of wedding planners: http://www.idocanaryislands.com/wedding-planers-directorio