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7 december 2018
Say “I do” again. Celebrating 25 years of love. Gabrielle Konali

Say “I do” again. Celebrating 25 years of love

Over the past quarter of a century, the world of weddings has changed radically. Back then, couples felt that it was relatively easy to organise a wedding and that they could arrange one with just a few months’ notice. And your parents were also likely to invite guests due to work or social obligations.

But now it is time to celebrate it with the person who has been at your side for the past 25 years and you want to make it special. Are you ready to organise the wedding you would have liked to have had?

3 december 2018
Canary Islands. Weddings 2.0. Gabrielle Konali
Themed weddings

Canary Islands. Weddings 2.0

Innovation, change, transformation. These are words associated with two sectors that may—a priori—seem to be directly opposed: weddings and technology. But wouldn’t it be fabulous to find a way to combine both to allow brides and grooms who are big fans of robotics, mobiles and computers to enjoy their big day even more? Here are some keys to achieving the perfect mix between romanticism and technology.

29 november 2018
At first sight. Gabrielle Konali
Real weddings

At first sight

Your wedding day is nearly here. You know it will be a day full of magical moments and—as you prepare for it—you are beginning to think about what your partner will be wearing, if you are going to get all emotional when you see him/her at the start of the ceremony – and that they can’t possibly be any more gorgeous than they already are anyway.