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Ideas For Your Civil Wedding Ceremony In Canary Islands

2 november 2018
Ideas For Your Civil Wedding Ceremony In Canary Islands. Gabrielle Konali

It’s time to choose the location for your wedding. Will you choose the town one of you were born in/the place you spent your summer holidays/the city where you met…? If you can’t agree on it, you could always choose a special destination like Canary Islands. There are endless, incomparably beautiful settings to be found here, any of which would be the perfect backdrop to an unforgettable moment: the second you say the words “I do”.

With our unique landscapes full of contrasts, the wide-ranging diversity of our ecosystem and a climate that can only be defined as the best in the world, Canary Islands are the perfect destination for the coming together of two loving hearts.

Weddings with views of the sea have a certain je ne sais quoi that enthrals the senses. The scent of salt, the sound of the waves, the cool breeze and the intense blue of the Atlantic Ocean are everything you need. In such marvellous surroundings, you need hardly anything else to decorate the space where you will vow eternal love. For a warm, magical light, we recommend planning a sunset ceremony: both the photographer and your guests will be delighted.

Luxury and history combine in the lordly mansions on our islands. Over 300 years old, most of them retain all of their olden-day splendour. Each room exudes a pristine, pleasant atmosphere – a reflection of what your big day will be like. Many of these magnificent buildings have their own catering team who will know how to add the flavour of Canary Islands cuisine to your wedding menu.

Lots of greenery and respect for the environment are two characteristics of the magical place that nature lovers dream of for their wedding. Whether in a dense pine forest or the gardens of a beautiful country estate, floral arrangements will mark the difference. Be inspired by your romantic side: bunches of wild flowers, reused wooden crates, DIY handiwork, fabrics with textures and prints, fresh garlands for the flower girls…

The culture of our islands is inextricably entwined with wine. The extremely high quality of our wines and the care we take in making each of them forms part of our identity, so holding your wedding at a winery with vineyards in the background is an original idea that is easy to organise on any of our islands. Barrels surrounded by stools become the perfect place for a chat with friends, a stroll through the vineyards – a unique photo opportunity, and a glass of wine – the start of an unforgettable celebration.

Canary Islands. Paradise has a name.

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