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Ideas for Your 10th Wedding Anniversary in the Canary Islands

4 july 2018
Ideas for Your 10th Wedding Anniversary in the Canary Islands. Gabrielle Konali

Ten years of love. Ten years of stories, of experiences, of commitment – where your marriage has been enriched and consolidated. During this time, you will probably have had to come to some agreement with your partner regarding matters that you have not seen eye to eye on, but that has only made your relationship all the stronger. 

Precisely because it is both durable and flexible, aluminium is the material associated with 10th wedding anniversaries. You can bend it—to adapt it to the needs of each moment—but you cannot break it.

Yet another year, Canary Islands await you to celebrate a new anniversary, enjoying the best climate in the world, paradisiacal beaches, a delicious and varied gastronomy and, of course, original ideas for commemorating the occasion.

You still have a lot to share and experience with the love of your life and, with pleasant temperatures to accompany us 365 days a year, open-air activities are a must.

Go-karting circuits are a backdrop to fun. This sporting activity is not just for the little ones, but for adults who like to have a good time with a bit of healthy competition. Feel the wind in your hair and speed at your fingertips.

A romantic getaway on a yacht is another, more relaxed but no less entertaining option. Taking a dip in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean or sunbathing on deck and having a delicious lunch of freshly-caught fish could be the perfect plan. A supper under the stars—with one of the cleanest skies anywhere on the planet—to the sound of the sea lapping against the sides of the boat would be the perfect ending to a wonderful day.

Many of us need a nice cup of coffee after a good meal. If you are looking for a coffee with a unique aroma—that relaxes instead of activating you—we recommend you visit the only coffee plantation in Europe. An Arabian bean variety is grown in Agaete, on the island of Gran Canaria, with unbeatable flavour and of outstanding quality.

Canary Islands. More than you might imagine.


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