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How to organise a surprise wedding in the Canary Islands

16 april 2018
How to organise a surprise wedding in the Canary Islands. Gabrielle Konali

When it comes to surprise weddings, it is usually the bride or groom who is in for a surprise. However, we think it might be even more fun if the guests get the surprise. Can you imagine the looks on your friends’ and family’s faces when they discover the real reason for the trip is to celebrate your big day?

If this sounds irresistible to you, here are some tips for organising an unforgettable surprise wedding in the Canary Islands.

Step 1: Get them to fall in love with the destination

That’s the easy bit! The Canary Islands are a perfect holiday destination. If you are looking for sunshine and perfect temperatures for outdoor activities, beaches where you can get away from it all, amazing hotels where guest satisfaction is everything, sightseeing and history, delicious, varied cuisine and warm, welcoming people, this is the place for you.

Step 2: Discuss your wedding style with your partner

Your wedding day should reflect who you are, so it is crucial you decide on the most important moments of the day: ceremony, reception and party. Pick a colour scheme, agree whether you want a civil or religious ceremony, the dishes on the menu, the type of music you want... In short, everything you need to make it the perfect wedding for you.

Step 3: Contact a wedding planner

Once you are clear about the basic ingredients of your dream wedding, the time has come to make it happen. Long-distance wedding organisation can be a headache, so we recommend you avail yourself of the services of an expert wedding planner in the Canary Islands. Not only will he or she find the ideal location to meet your needs, you will also have a team of professionals to take care of all the arrangements and to sort out any issues that may arise.

Step 4: Decide how to reveal your good news to your guests

During your holiday, one special day will change your lives. If you want your guests to get dressed up for the occasion without revealing your intentions, you could invite them to a brunch at the venue ­–if it is a daytime wedding– or for dinner or drinks at any exclusive venue, if yours is an evening affair.

Canary Islands. Enjoy the best surprise of your life.


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