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Getting married on La Graciosa

20 august 2018
Getting married on La Graciosa. Gabrielle Konali

Canary Islands are home to places of unparalleled beauty where the best way to get from one point to another is walking barefoot over the sand. In the midst of a volcanic landscape of gold, ochre and black lies La Graciosa. This island, 2 km north of Lanzarote, has recently become a favourite location for brides and grooms to say I do. 

If you would like to have your wedding on a quiet island surrounded by turquoise seas, get ready to discover one of the most beautiful secrets of our archipelago.

With fewer than 700 inhabitants, La Graciosa is like a portion of paradise with idyllic beaches, incredible views of the Lanzarote coastline and the perfect climate for your big day at any time of year. With a surface area of just under 30 km2, you will find places here that are worth taking your time to enjoy, such as La Francesa Beach (where many boat trips around the island depart from), Montaña Amarilla, Agujas Grandes, Los Arcos and Las Conchas Beach – and many more that are sure to take your breath away.

Something else that makes La Graciosa unique is the way the scenery changes over the course of the day: going from reddish tones at dawn to yellows and a wide range of ochres at sunset.

It is not just an oasis of peace where you can get away from it all, relaxing by the sea or doing a bit of hiking. It is a favourite location for unforgettable celebrations far from nosy onlookers, as the only way to get to the island is by boat. This has made it especially appealing to many couples, including national and international celebrities, such as Juan Alía Mateo and Paola García-Sanjuan, who held their wedding here.

Some of the best wedding photographers in the world have also noticed the island’s potential and travelled to this corner of Canary Islands to take part in the II Wolves Workshop, including James Frost, Ed Peers, Nicole Mason… It was a chance to not only experience everything La Graciosa has to offer, but also to show off their art by taking portraits of couples against the backdrop of the island’s sublime scenery.

La Graciosa. Love and peace.


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