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At first sight

29 november 2018
At first sight. Gabrielle Konali

Your wedding day is nearly here. You know it will be a day full of magical moments and—as you prepare for it—you are beginning to think about what your partner will be wearing, if you are going to get all emotional when you see him/her at the start of the ceremony – and that they can’t possibly be any more gorgeous than they already are anyway.

If you had the chance to know—first-hand and without any witnesses—what that moment will be like when you first see each other at the start of the ceremony, would you want to? If you answered “Yes”, get ready to discover one of the trends gaining the highest number of followers amongst couples right now: first look.

This little photo session is designed as a space for a private meeting between the future husband and wife, wearing the outfits that they have been so jealously hiding to ensure that nobody would know what they would be wearing on the day, completely breaking with the superstition that the couple should not see each other before the wedding.

It is a moment for just the two of you, which will only be witnessed by your photographer. This will be the last time you see each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. In just a few seconds, you will express a wide range of emotions: happiness, surprise, love, tenderness, hope, joy… Almost no words are necessary because your face and, especially, your eyes will be saying it all — although “You look gorgeous!” is sure to slip out a hundred times before you embrace and head off towards your “I do”.

Each of the 7 islands in our archipelago (8 if we count La Graciosa) have perfect spots for this first meeting. Quiet and extremely beautiful places where you can wait for the love of your life with your back turned and the sound of waves or birdsong as the background music, depending on where you have chosen for the wedding ceremony. We know that, when you feel his or her hand on your shoulder and turn around, it will be one of the best moments of your day.

Canary Islands. The perfect destination for your first look.

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