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Discover Lanzarote On Your Honeymoon

8 october 2018
Discover Lanzarote On Your Honeymoon. Gabrielle Konali

Lanzarote is becoming one of the destinations most visited by couples wanting to disconnect, mostly on their honeymoons or romantic getaways. Its volcanic beauty, whitewashed houses, eternal springtime climate – with an annual average of 22ºC, the crystal-clear water at its beaches and its magnificent range of 4-star and 5-star hotels are some of the reasons why they choose it.

To help you discover what the island can offer you for such a special moment in your life, we are going to tell you about some of the places that you simply cannot miss.

One of the loveliest spots in Europe to go surfing is Famara Beach. Sheltered by Peñas del Chache—the highest cliff in Lanzarote—we find Caleta de Famara, which lends its name to the beach. It is a little village where you can have some fresh fish after riding the waves.

The characteristic landscape of La Geria with its semi-circular walls announces the start of a journey for the senses. This area, on the edge of Timanfaya National Park, is home to several wineries, where you can try the wines of a land that the farmers have managed to work in spite of the difficulties of the terrain.

Lanzarote houses many works by the sculptor, painter and architect César Manrique. One of the most curious examples, reflecting his particular interest in combining art and nature, is at the Jameos del Agua. He managed to shape the basalt rock and transform a collapsed lava tube into a natural lagoon, which is inhabited by blind albino cave crabs that are endemic to this place.

Also known as The Fire Mountains, Timanfaya National Park forms part of a large area of land that was affected by one of the most striking eruptive process in history. One of the most typical images of Lanzarote is that of people riding over its red earth on camels.

In the 1970s, the actor Omar Sharif fell in love with Lagomar and bought it. This beautiful labyrinth of excavated stone is currently somewhere to have a drink, listen to music and enjoy the views from the top of it. There are dozens of little nooks where you can spend a little relaxation time with your partner.

If you would like to recommend different parts of the island that you have fallen in love with to other couples, please don’t hesitate to use our comments section at the end of this article. They are sure to be grateful for your tips.

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