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Celebrate your exotic wedding in the Canary Islands

19 january 2017
Exotic wedding Pedro Álvarez

The Canary Islands are the perfect destination for a unique kind of wedding. How would you like your wedding photos taken in a fairytale forest? Or against a stunning array of fiery autumnal tones? Or to hold your wedding ceremony on a heart-shaped island? All of this and more can be found in the Canary Islands.

This time we’d like to suggest an exotic beach wedding, with the tropical tones of the sand and the sea creating a truly stunning backdrop.

The Canary Islands form part of Macaronesia, a collection of archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. Next to the Tropic of Cancer and moderated by the trade winds, our islands enjoy the best climate in the world, with the pleasant temperatures reflected in the good nature of the Canarians themselves. Proximity to Europe is another bonus when selecting the islands as your wedding destination, meaning we are only a short flight away and jet lag is firmly off the menu!

The islands’ many palm trees are a staple of our geography, adding a distinctive touch to any panorama, particularly our magical sunsets. White-sand beaches are a favourite among couples for weddings in the Canary Islands, characterised by their intimate and colourful nature. This is often reflected in the shades selected for the bride’s bouquet, the petals decorating the venue and even the colours of the sand chosen by couples participating in the sand ceremony.

Blessedly free from adverse weather such as tornadoes and tsunamis, the only soundtrack you’ll hear is the soothing sound of the waves, in islands rich in culture and traditions.

Wedding banquets usually take the form of leisurely cocktail parties, with light, delicious and visually appealing menus on offer. Bananas, mangoes, papayas, pineapples and coconuts are star features, as is a wide variety of seafood, thanks to its importance to the islands’ cuisine.

Lively wedding receptions are also a key part of our exotic weddings. The union of a happy couple is always a cause for celebration, with this symbolised by the ceremony’s culmination in music and dance, as the guests and newlyweds take to the floor. And may the party carry on until the sun comes up the next morning!

Come to the Canary Islands. Celebrate your wedding in paradise.

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Francois- Smeets van Vuurden
5 october 2017
Where may I marry my gay friend ?
10 january 2018
Dear Francois, There are several, amazing places to get married in the Canary Islands. You just have to tell what is your dream location and we will give you some options.