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A cave for two with views of the Atlantic

12 january 2017
Cave for two

Imagine a private place, away from prying eyes, where your partner and you can leisurely enjoy a romantic supper. A cosy spot inside a natural cave where the light from the candles flickers to the rhythm of the sea breeze while you celebrate what you feel for each other.

This magical spot is on the island of La Gomera, hidden at the heart of the Hotel Jardín Tecina.

The cave is of sentimental value to the owners of the hotel as it is connected to the family history. After arriving in La Gomera from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, an old woman who lived here offered them food and shelter. That allowed them to get their strength back to continue with their search for a site where they could devote themselves to agriculture.

Nowadays, more than 100 years after that event, the cave has been refurbished so that couples who visit them can enjoy a unique experience. Remember that you must book in advance if you wish to visit it.

A table for two, warm lights, the murmur of the waves, the tranquillity... From its cliff location, not only can you sense the immensity of the waters that bathe the coast of the island, you can also enjoy the picturesque landscape of the Santiago Beach at dusk.

There are 3 delicious menu options for such a special occasion and there are also fabulous choices for vegetarians.

The atmosphere they have created will make you forget that there is a world beyond those stone walls. The sensation of sharing that moment, after supper, with the person you love is indescribable.

A unique place for an evening that you will want to repeat.

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