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Canary Islands. Weddings 2.0

3 december 2018
Canary Islands. Weddings 2.0. Gabrielle Konali

Innovation, change, transformation. These are words associated with two sectors that may—a priori—seem to be directly opposed: weddings and technology. But wouldn’t it be fabulous to find a way to combine both to allow brides and grooms who are big fans of robotics, mobiles and computers to enjoy their big day even more? Here are some keys to achieving the perfect mix between romanticism and technology.

Surprise your guests from the very outset by sending them a video-invitation. The options in this format are endless: you can recreate the moment you met each other or the moment of the proposal, record a flash mob, make a version of a romantic/funny scene from one of your favourite films…

Add a link to your wedding website with a QR code at the end of the video. Your guests can use different templates—that you have created—to say when they will arrive, which of the wonderful Canary Islands hotels they will be staying at or if they have any dietary requirements (allergies, intolerances, vegetarian, vegan, keto…).

One way of sharing the day with near and dear who cannot attend in person—which might be the case of elder members of the family, for example—is by video streaming the ceremony. They will be as thrilled to hear you say “I do” as if they were right there in the front row and they will be a part of this beautiful moment of your lives.

As you do not usually wear a watch on the big day (unless it was a gift from your other half), you could wear a wearable. There are, even, some in ring format that change colour as your anniversary approaches (the ideal solution for anyone who is not great at remembering dates). But if you’re not into them, you can always make your rings unique by creating a design that you can later print out using a 3D printer.

The most charitable brides and grooms might help some crowdfunding campaigns. They could ask their guests—for example, with a QR at the end of the video-invitation—to make a donation to one or several charities that they have chosen instead of giving them cash gifts.

And if you are aiming to have the most unforgettable wedding ever, a robot could be the ring-bearer and a drone could photograph the amazed faces of your loved ones.

Canary Islands. For people looking for a unique wedding.

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