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Canary Islands. Eternal springtime

4 may 2018
Canary Islands. Eternal springtime. Gabrielle Konali

When you imagine your wedding, it’s all perfect: your kind of music is playing, your favourite cake is served, you dance till you drop, the flowers in your bouquet are stunning – and you are accompanied by radiant sunshine until nightfall.

We know that this last point is a real nuisance for many couples, either because they decide to get married in autumn-winter or because the thermometer rarely gets above 16ºC in their country.

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy your wedding at a pleasant temperature, so you can have the banquet in the open air? Wouldn’t you love it if there was warm sunshine, whatever time of year you decide on?

We invite you to discover why the Canary Islands are just what you need.

The best climate in the world

With an average temperature that goes from 22ºC in winter to 26ºC in summer, you can forget all about the cold. More than 4,800 hours of sunlight a year and our fabulous climate slightly transform anyone who comes here, making them feel happier because of all the sun and warmth.

More energy, better rest

Those hours of sunlight make you feel more like doing things in the open air: running, extreme sports, hiking or wandering around our villages. It will all help you to eliminate toxins and rid yourself of stress. If we add melatonin production (favoured by sunlight) to this mix, it all means you are going to sleep better – and a rested bride is a happy bride.

Love is in the air

If springtime is synonymous with beginnings, there is no better destination than the islands of eternal springtime for entering this new phase of your life. There are wonderful settings in the Canary Islands for celebrating your big day, where you can sense the love of everyone who has sworn eternal love to each other in this fabulous place.

Our islands have everything you need for a wedding where it will always be just like spring.

Canary Islands. Always your favourite destination.


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