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Boat parties or how to enjoy your stag/hen night at sea

7 november 2018
Boat parties or how to enjoy your stag/hen night at sea. Gabrielle Konali

Boat parties are one of the ways of bidding farewell to singledom that are most in demand in Canary Islands. Not only are they a fun, different way to celebrate, but they are something you can do at any time of year here.

If you’re considering organising yours, but you’re not absolutely sure how to go about it, discover the keys to a perfect stag/hen night below.

Decide the date

This is probably going to be the most complicated decision, as we are the European destination with the most hours of sunlight per year and the best annual temperature. That means that you can’t dismiss any month a priori, so your decision will depend simply on when is a good time for you and your guests to celebrate it.

Whatever your choice, we recommend booking in advance to make sure you get the boat you like most – especially if it’s going to be at the weekend.

Draw up your list of guests

To make sure that you are going to have the day you want (even if your friends and family ensure there are a few embarrassing moments, which is typical), you must remember not to leave out anyone important to you. When you have the list, your best man, chief bridesmaid or best friend can take over so that there are still a few surprises for you: such as having to wear a swimsuit that day that is far too loud or revealing.

One of the benefits of these kinds of events is how flexible they are, as you can choose the boat you like most depending on the number of guests on your list and the times it starts and finishes, which is usually agreed depending on how late the people on your list are likely to party.

Choose the right boat

In addition to capacity, one of the points you have to be clear about is whether the boat is going to be reserved exclusively for your group or if you are going to share it with other people. If you want to have a macro party, you are probably thinking that the more, the merrier. But you should remember that, when it is a shared party, there will be certain services that you will not be able to change. Exclusivity is the best option if you want something 100% adapted to you.

Likewise, when signing the agreement, stipulate whether the boat should be sailing—which means you will be able to swim in the open sea—or if the party will take place on a boat that is berthed in port – to make sure it is all how you imagined it.

Canary Islands. Enjoy bidding arrivederci to your single life to the utmost.


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