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Alternative hen parties and stag nights

29 july 2016
Airsoft. Hangar 37

If it’s your turn to organise a stag night or hen party but you’re not sure how to make it original and fun, we have a series of activities for you in the Canary Islands to help you break away from the typical trio of alcohol – stripper – joke items and surprise the bride or groom and their companions.

For big groups who like team games where strategy plays a fundamental role, we recommend paintball and airsoft matches. Although you can feel it when the projectiles hit you in both cases, the impact is only visible in paintball, thanks to the mark left by the paint.

You can find paintball and airsoft companies in both Tenerife and Gran Canaria and, on the latter, you will also find the first airsoft theme park in Europe, with props including lorries and planes.

If you’re not a good shot but you’d like to do some kind of sporty activity, you can take a pole dancing or belly dancing class with your friends.  The classes are an hour or an hour and a half long, great fun and adapt to all levels. An entertaining way to overcome any shyness issues surrounded by good company.

Getting away from stress is a run-of-the-mill objective for many brides and grooms. Beauty parties or spa parties are highly appreciated by anyone in search of a little relaxation time. A massage, manicure, pedicure (standard or fish), karaoke and a dessert trolley are all you need for an unforgettable evening.

Another alternative for a relaxed night out are themed suppers or suppers with a show. The type of menu and the show (drag queens, magic, concerts, monologues) will depend on the diners’ tastes.

And those of you who really want to splash out can take your inspiration from the film The Hangover and sequels and organise a stag night or hen party at a casino. A tour in a limousine, a night at a hotel and games of chance for a full-on party.

What about you? What would be your favourite way to bid farewell to singledom?

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